How Does Muscle Milk Work?


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Muscle Milk creates energy and endurance for athletes, according to Vitamin Magazine. It also acts as a recovery agent against muscle injuries and fatigue. Muscle Milk is a supplement that contains essential proteins, fats and vitamins to secure an efficient workout. Cytosport is the maker of Muscle Milk, and the company markets the product as a protein-based solution that also improves muscle development.

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Vitamin Magazine goes on to say that the main protein ingredients of Muscle Milk are whey and casein. These are milk-based proteins that foster a more efficient workout. Whey also combines muscle proteins, along with maltodextrin.

Muscle Milk also has a beneficial fat known as a medium-chain triglyceride, an agent that increases oxidation and burns calories. Muscle Milk also has minimal amounts of carbohydrates, sugar and fiber. Vitamin Magazine notes that Muscle Milk's low carb levels are in keeping with its function to promote weight loss.

It also contains vitamins like B-complex. According to eVitamins.com, B-complex contains crucial water-soluble vitamins (except vitamin C) that promote energy production within the body. MuscleMilk.com states that consuming Muscle Milk is effective before or after a workout, and it can be consumed in the morning or before bed. It can come in liquid, powder or oatmeal form.

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