What Muscle Groups Are Improved by Doing Squats?


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Squats work the entire lower body, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and calves, according to Bodybuilding . Smaller muscles, known as stabilizer muscles are also improved, according to Muscle and Fitness. Additionally, the torso muscles and the hip muscles are improved.

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The placement of a person's feet has an impact on which muscles take the brunt of the work, notes Bodybuilding . If the feet are closer together, the outer thighs are worked. If the feet are farther apart or if the toes are pointed out, the inner thighs are worked.

It is vital for anyone who is doing to squats to use proper form. Failing to do so can lead to knee or back injuries, according to Mercola. Slow movements and straightening the back can prevent those injuries.

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