What Are Some Muscle-Building Leg Exercises You Can Do at Home?

What Are Some Muscle-Building Leg Exercises You Can Do at Home?

Some muscle-building leg exercises to do at home include squats, lunges, step-ups and calf raises, according to Body Building. Using weights or dumbbells can help boost intensity and build muscle.

Squats are popular exercises for building leg muscle. To do a squat, stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and bend the knees as far as they can go without changing the posture of the upper body. Return to a standing position and repeat the exercise. There are several variations of the squat, including the front squat, split squat and jump squat. Use dumbbells to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Lunges are also popular exercises for legs. To do a basic lunge, stand with the feet hip-width apart and take a step forward. Keep the back straight and lower the body until the front thigh sits parallel to the floor. Return to standing position, step backward and repeat the exercise with the other leg. To do a reverse lunge, do the exercise stepping backwards instead of forwards, notes Men's Fitness magazine.

To do step-ups, place one foot on an elevated surface and step onto it, raising the body off of the ground. Step back to return to the ground.

To do calf raises, stand with the toes on a block. Lift the body and stand on the balls of the feet, using a wall or stable surface to stay balanced. Use the body's weight to create resistance. Jumping calf raises can also build calf muscles. To do this exercise, use the calves to lightly jump off the ground.