Is Multiple Sclerosis Covered As a Disability Under the Americans With Disabilities Act?


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Multiple sclerosis is a disability covered by the 1990 American with Disabilities Act. A disability is an impairment that changes how a person performs one or more major life activities when the impairment is most acute, states Illinois Legal Aid.

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Numerous major life activities, including personal care such as grooming and food preparation, sleeping, walking or lifting, are covered by the ADA. In 2008, an amendment to the ADA included impairments to major bodily functions, such as the those of the immune, endocrine and reproductive systems, as disabilities. Under the ADA amendment, determinations regarding how substantially limiting an impairment is to a person do not require scientific, medical or statistical evidence, but may be established during an individual assessment by employers and entities required by law to follow the American with Disabilities Act, Illinois Legal Aid advises.

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