How Do You Get Mucus Out of the Throat?

Some different ways to get mucus out of the throat are to use an expectorant, expel it through coughing, try some home remedies and by rubbing eucalyptus oil on the chest area to break up phlegm and congestion. Using an over-the-counter expectorant may be an effective method to get rid of phlegm; however, people should consult with a doctor before using any type of medication.

To get rid of mucus, many people also turn to home remedies that include gargling with a salt-water mixture to relieve the throat, drinking herbal teas or honey-and-lemon mixtures and eating a combination of raw garlic and ginger, according to New Health Guide. Eating spicy foods that contain chili pepper or horseradish may also be effective.

There are tissues in the lungs, throat and sinuses that produce mucus. Mucus is an important body secretion that helps to trap bacteria before it enters the rest of the body. Mucus also keeps the tissues in these areas moist. However, a cold, irritating substance or allergy can cause an overproduction of mucus.