How Is Mucinex D Administered?


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Individuals take Mucinex D by mouth with a full glass of water, according to Drugs.com. Because it is an extended-release medication, individuals must swallow Mucinex tablets whole and never cut, break or crush them. If the medication causes stomach upset, the individual must take the pills with food.

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Mucinex D is a cold medication that relieves common cold symptoms, such as congestion and runny noses, states Everyday Health. Individuals should not take Mucinex D for longer than 14 days or in conjunction with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor or another medication that contains the active ingredients guaifenesin or pseudoephedrine to avoid a possible overdose. Patients with diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems, thyroid disorders or glaucoma need to consult their physicians before taking Mucinex D.

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