How Much Weight Can You Lose on the Cabbage Soup Diet?


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In general, individuals on the cabbage soup diet may lose up to 10 pounds over the duration of the seven-day program. An individual may lose more weight or less weight depending on her body type and metabolism.

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The cabbage soup diet is a highly restrictive diet plan for short-term, temporary weight loss. While on the diet, people eat a combination of vegetable-based cabbage soup, fruits, vegetables, potatoes and lean meat. Each of the seven days focuses on a different group of food without restricting food quantity. For example, on the first day of the diet, the user can eat as much cabbage soup and fruit as desired but nothing else.

The cabbage soup diet is often effective for short-term weight loss because it restricts the consumption of sodium. Cutting down on salt consumption encourages water weight loss but does not necessarily affect fat loss. Depending on how much salt a person normally consumes, this may result in significant short-term weight loss, or it may not affect weight at all. This water weight returns once a person resumes her normal eating habits, however. Individuals should not use the cabbage soup diet on a long-term basis as it may cause nutrient deficiency.

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