How Much Time Does It Take for a Collarbone Fracture to Heal?


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A collarbone fracture for an adult takes six to 12 weeks to heal, according to WebMD. For a child, such a fracture takes three to six weeks, says MedlinePlus. Factors that affect healing times are the location of the fracture, alignment of the bones and the age of the person.

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While people heal at varying rates, they are able to resume their normal level of activity when it is painless for them to move their arm and shoulder, and an X-ray confirms the collarbone is healed, says WebMD. Trying to resume activities before a collarbone fracture is healed could rebreak the bone.

A collarbone break in which the bones align requires a sling and symptom relief, says MedlinePlus. If the bones are not aligned, surgery might be necessary.

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