How Much Does a Surrogate Mother Get Paid?


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A surrogate mother's compensation depends on the state. In some states, including Arizona, New York and Michigan, paid surrogacy is illegal and punishable by fines or jail time, says the Center for American Progress. In states where paid surrogacy is permitted, such as California, companies like The Surrogacy Source pay a basic fee of $30,000 to surrogate mothers, with additional compensation for maternity clothes, monthly expenses and health insurance.

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How Much Does a Surrogate Mother Get Paid?
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The Surrogacy Source pays first-time surrogate mothers $30,000 for a single fetus. Experienced surrogate mothers can receive $40,000 for a single baby. Reproductive Possibilities, another surrogacy company, pays $25,000 for first-time surrogates with only one fetus. These payments are typical for paid surrogates in California. Both companies offer up to $5,000 extra for additional babies, though Reproductive Possibilities restricts payments for twins until the fifth month of pregnancy.

Both companies pay for medical expenses based on their own fee schedules and estimated costs. For example, the Surrogacy Source pays $2,500 for an unexpected Cesarean section ordered by a doctor, while Reproductive Responsibility allots $1,500 for unplanned Cesarean sections. At Reproductive Responsibility, other expenses may be covered, such as lost wages due to pregnancy, child care for the surrogate mother's own children and housekeeping if the surrogate mother is on doctor-ordered bed rest. However, not all surrogacy companies reimburse surrogate mothers for these expenses.

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