How Much Does Sixth Nerve Palsy Treatment Cost?

How Much Does Sixth Nerve Palsy Treatment Cost?

Treating sixth nerve palsy using prism spectacles costs under $1,000 without health insurance, while strabismus surgery costs $4,250 to $15,000, not including the doctor's fee, according to CostHelper and Healthline. Surgery patients who need antibiotic eye drops pay less than $10 for generic to more than $75 for name-brand drops.

A doctor may use corticosteroids to treat an inflamed sixth nerve, states Healthline. Without health insurance, cortisone injections cost $25 to $300 per shot, depending on the amount used. Insured patients may have a $10 to $50 copay; coinsurance may be 10 to 50 percent, according to CostHelper.

Sixth nerve palsy is a condition affecting the sixth nerve, which supports the lateral rectus muscle in the eye, states Healthline. The muscle is responsible for turning the eyeball outward, away from the nose. When a patient has sixth nerve palsy, his eye points inward toward the nose.

Double vision is the most common symptom of sixth nerve palsy, according to Healthline. If the symptom continues as the nerve heals, the doctor may recommend the patient wear an eye patch.

Prism spectacles are used to realign a patient's eyesight. If prism spectacles do not properly align the patient’s sight, strabismus surgery can correct the eye misalignment, states Healthline. Sixth nerve palsy can also resolve on its own without treatment.