How Much Should I Be Able to Squat?

much-should-able-squat Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Strength Level explains that how much an athlete can squat depends on his weight and experience. The world of weightlifting uses standard and metric weights, with a kilogram being equal to 2.2 pounds. An untrained weightlifter who weighs 100 kilograms can squat 55 kilograms, or 55 percent of his weight.

For a beginner, half of one's body weight should be used so that proper technique and form can be established. Strong Lift explains that a complete squat consists of standing with the feet shoulder-width apart, with the bar resting on the shoulders. To begin, the athlete squats all the way down so that the hip joint is below the knee joint. This movement must progress all the way past the knee joint, or else it is not considered a squat; and, serious injury can result. After each squat, the athlete returns to the starting position.