How Do You Find How Much You're Supposed to Weigh?

How Do You Find How Much You're Supposed to Weigh?

Determine optimal body weight by using a simple formula, talking with a doctor, or by using charts and calculators offered by health and fitness websites. A simple formula for determining body weight is to add 100 pounds for every 5 feet of height and 5 pounds for each inch above 60 inches, or 5 feet.

For example, the ideal weight of a 5-foot-8-inch woman is approximately 140 pounds. A man who stands 6 feet 3 inches should weigh approximately 210 pounds. This formula is only an estimation. Other factors to consider include gender, genetics, illness, metabolic rate, muscle mass and age.

Ideal weight is influenced in part by a person's body type. The three body types include mesomorph, which is muscular and athletic; endomorph, which is soft and round; and ectomorph, which is lean and long.

A number of websites have charts that show ideal height-to-weight ratios or offer ideal-weight calculators. Use a chart by finding the correct weight in the leftmost column and following the row to find the weight associated with the correct physical characteristics. Ideal-weight calculators base figures on age, gender and height.

Visit a medical professional for a more precise weight recommendation based on individual factors.