How Much Pain Typically Occurs After a Tooth Implant?


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A tooth implant can be very painful and often results in swelling, bruising, minor bleeding and pain that requires pain medications. However, not everyone requires pain medications and antibiotics.

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How Much Pain Typically Occurs After a Tooth Implant?
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Pain is a subjective experience, and different people experience it differently. Most people experience some pain as a result of a tooth implant and need up to two weeks to heal. During this time, patients are advised to eat soft foods such as soups and bread. Most implant surgeries involve dissolvable stitches so that patients do not need to worry about going back to the dental surgeon to get their stitches removed.

A tooth implant involves removing a damaged tooth if it is present and then creating a space in the jawbone for the tooth implant. Most tooth implants are fastened to the jaw using metal posts. Typically, the multi-step process takes several months to complete. Another factor that influences pain is the skill of the dentist, according to Burbank Dental Implants. Using a dentist who has spent years placing tooth implants can make the process less painful. The level of pain also varies depending on the nature of the surgery. For example, when bone grafting is needed, patients may experience more pain, because this is an additional procedure that also makes the jaw and mouth sore.

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