How Much Magnesium Should You Take?


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The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of magnesium a person should take depends on factors like sex and age; for example, adult males over 30 need about 420 milligrams per day, while adult females over 30 require about 320 milligrams of this mineral per day. However, young children and teenagers require different amounts of magnesium.

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While young children between the ages of 9 and 13 require 240 mg/day, teenage girls aged 14 to 18 need 360 mg/day. Teenage boys aged 14 to 18 should have about 410 mg/day.

Because pregnant and breastfeeding women have different nutritional needs, they may need to take more of this mineral. For example, a pregnant women over the age of 30 needs about 360 mg/day.

Magnesium is a mineral that is important for many bodily functions, including normalizing blood pressure, maintaining strong bones and the regulation of blood glucose. Some food sources of magnesium are nuts, brown rice, soy products and dried apricots.

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