How Much Does an Ingrown Toenail Cure Cost?


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An over-the-counter ingrown toenail kit that contains pain-relieving gel and toe pads costs approximately $8, as of 2015, according to Cost Helper. If the kit also includes a toenail nipper and an ingrown toenail file, the cost can rise to about $20. Prescription medication typically runs $7 for 30 tablets.

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While the total cost to care for an ingrown toenail at home comes to about $50, as Cost Helper points out, costs rise if treatment by a doctor is required. Removal of part of the toenail, including local anesthesia, can run anywhere from $120 to $200, with extra costs if tissue around the toemail must also be excised. When procedures are required on more than one toe, the costs can reach $1,000.

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