How Much Does Hip Bone Spur Surgery Cost?


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A reasonable price for an arthroscopy, the minimally invasive procedure used to remove a hip bone spur, notes Mayo Clinic, is about $6,470, according to Healthcare Bluebook. This estimate includes facility services, physician services and anesthesia.

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Few orthopedic surgeons have experience performing arthroscopic surgery on the hip joint due to the relative difficulty of access and the necessity of using specialized surgical instruments, explains Dr. Laith Farjo for Advanced Orthopedic Specialists. When surgery is necessary to treat a hip bone spur, an arthroscopy is the least invasive option, and it is a procedure for examining, diagnosing and treating joint problems, states Mayo Clinic.

During a hip arthroscopy, the patient is anesthetized and placed in traction to prevent movement of the hip joint and to pull the femur and socket slightly apart to allow the surgeon to operate, says Dr. Farjo. As the surgeon monitors the position of the hip joint using a portable X-ray machine, the joint is filled with saline to allow space for the fiber optic camera and the specialized surgical instruments used to remove the bone spurs.

Hip spurs only require surgical intervention when they cause irritation to surrounding tissue or do not respond to more conservative treatment, such as application of cold compresses and use of anti-inflammatory medicines, states MedicineNet.

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