How Much Fluoride Is in Toothpaste?


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Food and Drug Administration regulations allow 1,000 to 1,100 parts per million of fluoride in over-the-counter adult toothpaste, with the 100 ppm variation dependent on the source of the fluoride. This translates to approximately 30-33 milligrams of fluoride per ounce of toothpaste.

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How Much Fluoride Is in Toothpaste?
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The FDA allows the use of three different fluoride compounds in toothpaste: sodium monofluorophosphate, sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride. Approximately 95 percent of the toothpaste available in the United States contains fluoride. Since 1997, the FDA has required toothpaste tubes containing fluoride to include a poison warning, since it can be toxic, making it a particular risk for young children. It can also cause defects in tooth enamel when children ingest too much of it prior to age 8.

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