How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wheelchair?

The cost to rent a wheelchair varies based on what company the chair is rented from, the duration of the rental period and the model, says Wheelchairs that are rented out for a single day require a deposit and rental fee. Places such as aquariums, museums, zoos and other tourist destinations offer them at their customer service desks. Occasionally these rentals can be reserved.

Short-term rentals are a week or less, notes Most companies that rent wheelchairs for longer periods require a signed contract and a security deposit at the time of the rental. Businesses that offer long-term rentals have a wider selection of mobility devices from which to choose. They may have additional supplies including ramps and lifts. It is often cheaper for long-term wheelchair users to purchase a wheelchair, scooter or power chair. An extended rental cost may easily match that of a purchased mobility device.

Some places, such as Bradford Medical Supply, have the option to rent-to-own on a selection of wheelchairs and scooters, states the official website. When renting a wheelchair, check for the weight limit, previous damage, foldability and ease of transport. If the mobility device has power, make sure that all the gears are working and that it is fully charged before traveling outside with it, warns