How Much Do ClearChoice Dental Implants Cost?

much-clearchoice-dental-implants-cost Credit: Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

The cost for ClearChoice dental implants varies, as treatment for one patient may not be applicable to another patient, according to ClearChoice. Scheduling a free consultation at any of the ClearChoice dental implant facilities to obtain a price quote is recommended.

ClearChoice is owned and operated by dental practitioners in the United States. The company offers an all-on-four procedure, which makes it possible for patients to undergo surgical treatment in the span of one day.

ClearChoice uses an all-in-one approach, which houses its dental staff, equipment and laboratory in one site. This set-up provides convenience and allows patients to cut back on possible dental expenses. For those who cannot otherwise pay for expensive implants, ClearChoice also offers financial aid to eligible patients through its Patient Education Consultants.