How Does an MRSA Infection Spread?


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A methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection spreads by people coming into contact with other people by either touching one another's skin or by touching the same objects according to WebMD. The bacteria can also exist within someone without actually affecting him or her.

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How Does an MRSA Infection Spread?
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It is reported that there are two people out of every 100 people that carry the MRSA infection in them even though they are not affected by it, reports WebMD. Most of the people who develop the MRSA have immune systems that are weak and that are dealing with other illnesses or infections. In fact, most of the people who develop MRSA are in the hospital or the nursing home, according to WebMD.

MRSA is a bacteria that can cause infection throughout the body, notes the Mayo Clinic. It is more difficult to treat than other staphylococcus bacteria because it is "resistant" meaning that it can survive even when faced with antibiotics. Treatment usually involves "incision and drainage" with possible antibiotic treatment depending on the type reports the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is important for patients and doctors to keep an eye on the condition because it is possible for the MRSA to morph into a much more damaging condition. Most doctors recommend coming back in if the symptoms do not show signs of getting better after 48 hours.

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