How Do You Move Heavy Objects?

How Do You Move Heavy Objects?

It is always best to use mechanical assistance when moving heavy objects, but location and availability of these items may make this impractical. Throughout the task of manually moving a heavy object, let your stomach, legs and buttocks muscles do the work. Avoid lifting from or with your back.

  1. Plan ahead

    Trace the expected path to the new location before starting. Watch for and remove any obstacles along the route.

  2. Lift the object

    Position your feet shoulder-width apart and get a firm grip of the object. Bend at the knees and rise in a fluid motion. Keep the object as close to your spine as possible.

  3. Carry the object

    Keep your back straight and, if possible, have a friend watch your path and warn you of obstacles.

  4. Lower the object

    Lower the object in a smooth motion by bending at the knees with your feet shoulder-width apart. Release the object only after it is sitting firmly at its new destination.