How Do You Get Motivated to Run?


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To get motivated to run, find a training partner, keep a record of running progress, enter a race, and vary training routes. Focus on the health benefits of running, and have fun.

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Choose a training partner that has the same level of fitness as you and runs at a similar pace. The most motivating companion is a person who can engage in enjoyable conversation and maintains a positive attitude.

While keeping a training log, make note of the distance covered, the prevailing weather conditions and the time taken to complete the run. A log allows a runner to measure improvement and contributes to a sense of accomplishment.

After entering a race, set a target completion time and mark the race date on the calendar. Do not repeatedly run the same training routes. Look for areas to run in that inspire with natural beauty or because they offer a particular challenge.

Focus on the fact that, if done properly, running can lead to better health, weight loss and higher energy levels. While running, be determined to enjoy the experience. Relax, and do not exceed personal limits or allow running to become a source of stress. If there is not sufficient time to complete a scheduled workout, avoid discouragement by completing whatever circumstances allow.

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