How Are Montgomery Straps Used?


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According to TheFreeDictionary, Montgomery straps are affixed to the skin allowing a bandage to be secured directly to the strap. This allows a person to change the bandage frequently while avoiding the removal and reapplication of tape.

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During long-term wound care, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the skin to prevent further breakdown. DeRoyal states that the use of Montgomery straps can help to minimize hair pulling and trauma caused by the removal and reapplication of more commonly used adhesive tapes when treating wounds.

Also called Montgomery tapes, Montgomery straps are made with a medical-grade adhesive that leaves less residue on the skin than alternate rubber-based adhesive tapes, notes DeRoyal. Montgomery straps can be cut to accommodate any desired width, and some feature double-reinforced tie holes, which makes frequent bandage changes less intrusive and less painful to the patient. Other Montgomery straps do not affix directly to the skin at all but rather tie around the gauze-covered wound or surgical site. It is also not uncommon to make a form of a Montgomery strap by punching holes through tape that is folded unto itself and securing it over or around the wound using bits of cut gauze or other medical-grade string.

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