What Is Mons Veneris?


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The mons veneris is the pad of fat above the pubic bone, states Des Moines University. It is now referred to as the mons pubis.

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The mons pubis is the soft, rounded portion of the vulva, explains Go Ask Alice. It covers the pubic mound and is where the pubic hair grows in adult women.

The mons pubis tends to become droopy in older women, according to WebMD. Recontouring the mons pubis involves tucking up loose skin around it. The procedure may also involve fat injections or liposuction.

The term mons veneris is a reference to the Roman goddess of love, Venus, clarifies Des Moines University. Venus is said to have brought both the joys of love and the dangers of passion. She is likewise remembered in the term venereal diseases, which literally means diseases of love.

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