Is Monoclonal Paraproteinemia Curable?


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According to Dr. Andrew Weil, there is no cure for MGUS, which stands for monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance, nor any treatment to prevent progression into cancer. People with MGUS generally show no symptoms and require no treatment, according to NCBI. However, it has a 1 percent per annum risk of progression to myeloma, an incurable plasma cell cancer.

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MGUS is detected when paraproteins are found in the blood or urine when tested. Although MGUS isn't harmful by itself, it poses a small risk of developing, most commonly, into myeloma or in rare cases into amyloidosis, lymphoma, or chronic lymphocytic leukemia, according to Macmillian.org. Myeloma, or cancer of the plasma cells, is incurable, with an average survival rate of 3 to 4 years, where aggressive or alternative therapies may prolong life in certain cases, as reported by U.S. National Library of Medicine. Lymphoma, amyloidosis and lymphocytic leukemia were once fatal conditions that now have low rates of curability, according to the American Cancer Society.

For this reason it is important for people with MGUS to undergo regular health checkups. The focus of these checks is to separate the stable asymptomatic group of patients from those for whom MGUS reflects a disease process of progressive myeloma, which requires immediate treatment, Cancer.gov asserts.

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