How Do You Monitor Blood Glucose?


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To monitor your blood glucose, wash your hands, place a test strip in a blood sugar meter, use the lancing device to prick the side of a fingertip, press the end of the strip to the blood, and wait until the meter shows your blood glucose level, instructs the American Diabetes Association. Read the meter's user manual to find out about particular directions.

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Some meters allow you to obtain a drop of blood from the fleshy area of your hand, thigh or forearm, notes the American Diabetes Association. For a less painful pricking process, choose a spring-loaded lancing device. When drawing blood from your fingertip, prevent sore spots on repeatedly punctured parts of a finger by pressing a fingernail on the side of your fingertip.

Record the result of each blood glucose test, and show the results to your doctor to find out if you're responding well to your diabetes treatment, if any, states the American Diabetes Association. If your blood glucose levels are the same for consecutive days, your doctor may suggest modifying your treatment plan.

Individuals who likely need blood glucose monitoring include people who are injecting insulin, pregnant or experiencing difficulty in managing blood glucose levels, states the American Diabetes Association. Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is also advisable for people with low blood glucose levels or ketones due to high blood glucose levels.

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