How Are Moles Removed Without Surgery?

moles-removed-surgery Credit: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

According to eMedicineHealth, the primary method doctors use to remove a mole is simply to cut it off. This is normally called excision, and the wound made sometimes requires stiches to close, depending on its size and depth. In some cases, the doctor excises the mole and then cauterizes the hole with a heat source in order to seal the wound and prevent infection.

EMedicineHealth explains that lasers have been used for mole removal in the past, but most doctors prefer to use other methods. This is because the light from the laser rarely penetrates deep enough into the skin to be effective.

EMedicineHealth states that moles arise for a variety of reasons. Some people are born with moles, while others acquire them over the course of their lives. Some types of moles are most common after the age of 30, while others seem to be related to the amount of sunlight exposure the skin receives. There is a genetic factor, as well; some moles are common among the members of certain families.

The American Academy of Dermatology states that it is important to visit your doctor immediately if a removed mole comes back. This indicates that the mole is possibly a melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer.