Is a Mohs Procedure the Best Way to Treat Skin Cancer?


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Mohs microscopic surgery is the best way to treat skin cancer, according to Skin Cancer Foundation. The procedure removes almost all cancer cells while preserving the greatest amount of healthy tissue. Cure rates are 98 percent or higher for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, the most common skin cancers.

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In the Mohs technique, layers of tissue are removed and microscopically examined during the surgery, states Skin Cancer Foundation. Guesswork is eliminated; surgeons can spare normal tissue while removing all of the cancer.

During the Mohs procedure, the surgeon removes one thin layer of tissue and studies its margins under a microscope, looking for cancer cells. If the margins are clear of cancer, the surgery ends. If not, the surgeon removes more tissue from the margin where cancer cells were found. The process is repeated until all margins of the final tissue sample are cancer-free, according to Skin Cancer Foundation.

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