What Are Some Modern Wedding Ideas for Older Couples?

Modern wedding ideas for older couples include choosing non-traditional venues for the ceremony and reception, opting for dress colors other than white for the bride, including blended families in the ceremony, and using black and white minimalist themes for the invitations and decor. Many older couples choose to keep the ceremony and reception small.

In planning their modern wedding, older couples should play to their own unique strengths and tastes. If, for example, a couple enjoys country music and entertainment, they might hold their wedding in a barn, wear cowboy boots, serve Southern comfort food for dinner and have square dancing at the reception. A modern wedding, especially if it is a second or third marriage, can be fun and casual.

A modern bride may not want to wear white, especially if she has been married before. Colors that compliment older brides include off-white, muted creams or blush.

Older couples may consider using their wedding as an opportunity to blend their families. Extended family members can be included as bridesmaids, groomsmen and ring bearers.

Modern trends in wedding themes are black and white colors, minimalism, and geometric themes such as stripes, hexagons or polka dots. These themes may be reflected in the invitations, cake, flowers and decor.

Older couples may opt for a small civil ceremony. The money saved can be spent on an expensive honeymoon. This trip may be another opportunity for the couple to include their extended family.