What is the modern procedure for getting a dental crown?


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The modern procedure for getting a dental crown usually takes two appointments: the first to prepare the tooth and the second to place a permanent crown. A root canal procedure is necessary in some cases, and during the first appointment, the individual receives a temporary crown, according to WebMD.

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During the first appointment, the dentist usually takes an X-ray to check the tooth, and if there is a lot of infection or injury, a root canal is necessary, explains WebMD. To prepare the tooth for the crown, the dentist numbs the tooth and gum and then files the tooth down to make room for the crown. After shaping the tooth, the dentist uses putty or paste to make an impression of the tooth and mouth to ensure the crown fits nicely. Before leaving the first appointment, the dentist places a temporary crown on the tooth.

Approximately two to three weeks after the first appointment, the permanent crown is usually ready for its application. The dentist removes the temporary crown and begins to fit the permanent crown after numbing the tooth. When the fit is correct, the dentist applies permanent cement and sets the crown in place. Following the appointment, some patients have discomfort for a few days, and the tooth may seem sensitive to hot or cold, notes WebMD. If this does not change after a couple of weeks, it's best to contact the dentist.

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