What Is a Model's Diet?


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According to Elle, a model's diet concentrates on boosting energy and metabolism. The magazine notes that preparation in terms of meals is key to a model's diet.

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Elle writes that breakfast is the most important meal of the model's diet because it helps to boost energy and metabolism for days consisting of up to 14 hours of work. The site cautions against using juice as a replacement for meals, noting that models who drink juice only do so in addition to solid meals. Examples of this are model Edie Campbell, who uses coconut water for hydration, and Georgia May Jagger, who prefers watermelon juice.

Elle notes that one constant of the models' diets is the focus on natural fat burners, such as avocado, coffee and salmon. Models often must eat whatever the caterer provides at a photo shoot. Model Suvi Riggs claims that she carries her own supply of granola bars in case she is unhappy with the catered food. Sometimes that catered food is at odds with the ideal model diet that greatly emphasizes protein. Instead, as model Vasilisa Pavlova notes, catered food for models often features too much bread and too little meat. Elle notes unhappiness with catering has prompted some models, such as Anastasia Ivanova, to leave the shoot and go grab a bacon cheeseburger as a source of protein.

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