What Is an MMA Workout Routine?


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An MMA workout routine refers to the training regiment that a mixed-martial artist undergoes. This regiment typically includes training in striking, grappling, cardiovascular and weights. With the growing popularity of this sport as of 2014, some MMA workouts are tailored for regular individuals.

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Professional fighters typically train in striking and grappling most days of the week. This training typically involves technique work such as sparring or hitting Thai pads or boxing mitts. Weight training is typically mixed in at least several days a week.

Several types of resistance training are used in MMA. One involves station training, in which an individual performs an exercise for a given duration before moving on to another station. Typically, this is done with little rest until an individual completes each station.

In addition to traditional body weights and weightlifting, MMA workout routines typically include less popular functional-training exercises. These exercises train the body through multiple planes of motion that mimic movements that could take place in a competition. Some examples of these exercises include sledgehammer swings, tire flips and body-slamming a heavy bag. Some workouts do include traditional weightlifting; these often alternate between high repetitions with lower weights and low repetitions with heavy weights.

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