How Do You Mix DMSO and Water for Joint Pain?


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A solution of 8 to 12 milliliters of 70 percent dimethyl sulfoxide applied to a painful joint three times a day has beneficial effects on 80 percent of individuals, states Dr. Gabriela Segura. The appropriate concentration depends upon the joint's location and whether the DMSO is taken orally or topically.

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If the patient plans on taking DMSO orally, a solution of 70 percent DMSO is typically recommended by Segura, a cardiac surgeon who studied and practice in Europe and Central America. The maximum oral dosage is a teaspoon a week, as DMSO can cause a detoxification reaction. Because of this, sometimes a solution of only 50 percent DMSO is used at first to determine an individual's tolerance. For topical application, a solution of 50 percent DMSO or less on the face and neck is preferred, as these areas are more sensitive, Segura recommends. Solutions of less than 70 percent are used on areas of low circulation, while concentrations up to 90 percent can be used topically on areas of high circulation.

Individuals suffering from chronic pain usually see results after at least six weeks of using DMSO, according to Segura. Often the results of using DMSO are more dramatic the sooner it is applied after pain develops. DMSO significantly reduces pain from sprains, strains and arthritis within 20 minutes of application, and pain reduction lasts for up to six hours, reports Segura.

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