What Is the Miracle Cabbage Soup Diet?


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The cabbage soup diet is a restrictive short-term diet in which the dieter consumes mainly cabbage soup, fruits and vegetables for seven consecutive days. This diet may aid in quick, minor weight loss, but should not be followed on a long-term basis.

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What Is the Miracle Cabbage Soup Diet?
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The seven-day cabbage soup diet plan requires that the dieter cook their own cabbage soup following the specific diet recipe. The recipe is available on Cabbage-Soup-Diet.com and Successful-Diet-Cabbage-Soup.com. The soup is composed mainly of vegetables, water and spices and is very low in calories.

On the first day of the diet, the dieter consumes only cabbage soup and fruit, except bananas. On the second day, she consumes only cabbage soup and vegetables, avoiding beans and corn. At the end of the second day, the dieter may eat one baked potato. On day three, the dieter eats fruits, vegetables and soup with no potato. On the fourth day she eats up to eight bananas and drinks an unlimited amount of skim milk, along with the soup.

The fifth day allows the dieter can eat 10 to 20 ounces of lean beef and up to six tomatoes, along with at least one bowl of soup. On day six, the dieter eats beef and a variety of vegetables, and on the final day, she consumes as much brown rice, vegetables and soup as desired.

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