How Do You Do Mini Trampoline Exercises?


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For mini trampoline prances, one must stand on the trampoline with feet spread about 6 inches apart. With hands placed on the hips and the knees slightly bent, bounce on the trampoline while raising one knee at a time. This exercise is similar to marching with high knees, with the trampoline adding difficulty and aerobic activity. For best results, complete this exercise 60 times for each leg.

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For the trampoline bounce, stand on the trampoline with feet hip-width apart, and bounce about 6 inches off the trampoline 30 times. One can also exercise on the trampoline by performing squats. Stand on the trampoline with feet together, jump and land with feet spread apart and bend into a squatting position. After the squat is complete, jump again, and land with feet together. Repeat this action 20 times.

Exercising on a mini trampoline is a great way to burn calories with low impact. One can burn as many as 160 calories in 30 minutes. These exercises strengthen the legs, gluteals and core muscles. Completing a mini trampoline exercise regimen at least three times a week enhances one's strength, tones muscles and can help promote cardiovascular health. Continuing this regimen can also provide weight loss and maintenance.

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