What Are Some Mineral Supplements That Target Brittle Nails?


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There aresome preliminary studiesthat suggest that themineral supplement colloidal silicon may be useful for brittle nails, reports ConsumerLab. However, with the exception of biotin (vitamin B-7), there is insufficient scientific evidence that suggests that other vitamin or mineral supplementsmay beuseful for brittle nails, reports Dr Oz.

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ConsumerLab explains that a study on biotin with a small group of people with brittle nails suggested that taking 2,500 mcg. of this vitamin every day for a time period of six to nine months may help this condition. However, more scientific evidence is needed to examine biotin's true efficacy for this use, states WebMD. Similarly, preliminary studies on colloidal silicon seem to suggest that taking 10 to 30 mL of colloidal silicon daily may be beneficial for nails, but more studies are necessary.

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