How Does MINDBODY Scheduling Work?

MINDBODY scheduling allows clients to sign up for classes or appointments via the Internet or on an app on their smartphone. It also allows an establishment to easily manage the staff's schedules.

MINDBODY makes it easy for clients to schedule and pay for classes and appointments. Payment history is stored in their database, and registering for a class is as easy as scanning the schedule and making a reservation. MINDBODY also allows clients to easily manage their schedule and access their visit history whenever needed. It even provides automatic reminders of upcoming classes.

For staff, MINDBODY organizes both the schedule and payroll. It allows staff members to generate reports concerning attendance and interest and predicts future trends. On the marketing side, MINDBODY gives staff the opportunity to run specials, reach out to clients to encourage attendance and make sure first-time attendees had a good enough experience to schedule a second class.

MINDBODY also provides clients with the opportunity to learn about and explore fitness and wellness centers within a set radius of their location. The client is able to keep a favorites list of preferred establishments, and by linking with products like Fitbit, MINDBODY is able to track the number of calories burned while working out.