What Is a Military Workout Plan?


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A military workout plan involves exercises such as heavy punching bag work, tire flips, kettlebell swing, push-ups, body weight squats and mountain climbers done five to six days per week. This workout ranges from 60 to 90 minutes and helps maintain the high level of physical fitness needed for combat.

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What Is a Military Workout Plan?
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Thirty minutes of a mixed combination of moves performed on a punching bag coupled with breaks of sit-ups done in four sets of 35 repetitions conditions the body and increases strength and endurance. Flipping a large tire for 10 meters four to six times conditions the body and provides a strength workout for the entire body. Lowering a 35- to 45-pound kettle ball weight between outstretched legs then lifting the weight above the head in four sets of 25 repetitions encourages overall body strength and increases endurance, and four sets of 50 repetitions of push-ups increases strength in the upper body. Four sets of 50 repetitions of body weight squats conditions and strengthens the lower body, and four sets of the exercise that involves alternating the foot’s position from the hands and knees position to the chest 25 times, named mountain climbers, round out the workout to increase core strength and endurance.

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