What Are Mild Stroke Symptoms in Men?


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Some mild stroke symptoms in men are numbness that affects one side of the body and includes the face, arm and leg, slurred speech or inability to speak, losing vision, difficulty walking or keeping one's balance and a severe headache, reports WebMD. These symptoms are associated with a transient ischemic attack also called a mini-stroke. However, some people may not experience any symptoms before a stroke occurs.

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What Are Mild Stroke Symptoms in Men?
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Men who experience these symptoms should seek medical treatment because it is an emergency situation. Men are 25 percent more likely to experience a stoke than women. Similarly, 7 percent of men who suffer a stroke can die, according to WebMD.

A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is interrupted either by a blockage in a blood vessel, or if a blood vessel ruptures in the brain. If there is a blockage due to a blood clot, then it is called an ischemic stroke. When a blood vessel ruptures in the brain, it is called a hemorrhagic stroke, states the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, or NINDS.

If a person has a stroke, it is important to get emergency medical attention as soon as possible after experiencing any symptoms. Getting treatment with the drug within the first 3 hours after symptoms can improve a person's chance of recovering without major disabilities, explains NINDS. It is possible to minimize the occurrence of stroke by controlling medical conditions like hypertension, heart disease and an elevated cholesterol level.

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