Why Might You Get Sore Muscles for No Reason?


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Muscle pain is most commonly caused by stress, tension, overuse, minor injuries and changes in exercise, Mayo Clinic states. Even small changes in exercise cause sore muscles, notes WebMD.

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After doing any new form of exercise, the muscles need time to heal and become used to the intensity of the move, WebMD says. People who suddenly ramp up their exercise routines often get sore muscles. Exercises that lengthen the muscles instead of shortening them are another common cause of muscle pain. These include walking downhill or an extension of the arm during bicep curls. Muscle soreness does not always begin immediately, and it may take up to a few days to become apparent. The more someone does an exercise, the less sore the muscles become over time.

Sore muscles are also caused by infections, illnesses or medications, Mayo Clinic adds. Soreness that is caused by stress, exercise or minor injuries typically result in localized pain in one area of the body. Soreness felt throughout the body is a sign of systemic muscle pain. A condition that results in systemic pain is rhabdomyolysis. This serious condition is caused by using statin drugs, and it results in muscle fibers being broken down into the bloodstream.

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