What Might Pain Near the Belly Button Indicate?

Pain around the belly button may be an indication of an injury, appendicitis, food poisoning, overeating, urinary tract infection or small intestine disorders. Belly button pain may be consistent or sporadic depending on the underlying cause, notes MedGuidance.

Belly button pain can be caused by a variety of issues. Treatment generally depends on the cause; Belly button pain may cause alarm if the source of the pain is not immediately clear.

Urinary tract infection or cystitis is one of the possible causes of pain around the belly button, states MedGuidance. Without treatment, this condition may continue to spread and affect the kidneys. Doctors often use antibiotics to treat such infections.

Overeating may cause pain around the belly button because the abdomen expands to accommodate the size of the meal. As the abdomen expands, pressure is exerted around the belly button, which may cause a painful sensation. Food poisoning often leads to expansion of the abdomen due to gas buildup.

Injury to the belly button is a common cause of pain. This may occur in an accident or during surgery. Individuals who pierce their belly buttons may also end up experiencing painful sensations. Other possible causes of belly button pain include ulcers, pancreas problems, gallstones, Crohn's disease and hernia.