What Might It Mean If You Experience Chronic Neck Muscle Pain?

Chronic neck pain that extends down the arm and reaches the hands and fingers may indicate a cervical herniated disc, according to Spine-health. A slowly developing neck pain that manifests while doing particular activities or shifting to certain neck positions possibly results from cervical foraminal stenosis.

Pain resulting from a cervical herniated disc usually occurs with arm or hand numbness or tingling, notes Spine-health. In people with cervical foraminal stenosis, impingement of a nerve root on the spine often causes neck pain and other symptoms. Aging or normal wear and tear may affect the neck joints or disc margins, leading to cervical foraminal stenosis.

Symptomatic cervical disc degeneration is the common cause of neck pain that involves mild, chronic pain that occasionally flares, worsens when shifting to specific positions or doing certain activities, or occurs with arm pain, reports Spine-health. While cervical disc degeneration affects most people, a twisting injury to the disc space or another injury may trigger the symptoms and cause chronic neck pain in some people.

Neck pain that worsens in the morning and at night may signal cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis, notes Spine-health. Pain may also occur when the cartilage of the facet joints degenerate, especially in people older than 60 years of age.