What Might Cause the Symptom of a Numb Right Toe?

Some causes of numbness in a right toe include compression of the foot from shoes, nerve damage, foot injuries, poor circulation and irritation of the nerves located in the lower back, notes MedicineNet. Numbness of a right toe often occurs along with tingling, which is referred to as parathesia in the toe. Physicians need detailed symptom information to diagnose and treat the cause of numbness in the toes, notes the Mayo Clinic.

Nerve damage that results in numbness in the hands and feet is called peripheral neuropathy, notes WebMD. The most common form is polyneuropathy, which is when multiple peripheral nerves are damaged at the same time. This has many different causes, such as a lack of vitamin B, alcohol abuse and diabetes. Another diabetic cause of numbness in the toes is poor circulation of blood to the area; this is also a symptom of peripheral vascular disease. In rare cases, numbness to the toes can be as symptom of a life-threatening condition, such as cancer or a stroke.

Treatment of toe numbness depends on the underlying cause. For example, if the numbness is due to a vitamin B deficiency, supplements may provide relief. Numbness caused by diabetes can be treated by regulating blood sugar levels and using insulin, notes the American Diabetes Association.