What Is Micromedex?

What Is Micromedex?

Micromedex is a collection of various drug databases on the Internet. It is designed to give searchers an easy time finding medical information. Micromedex provides very detailed information regarding drugs, notes Ebling Library.

Micromedex is an online resource designed specifically to cater to the needs of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and students of these professions. This is because the information contained is often too technical for other people to understand.

These professionals can turn to the resource to learn more about the trade name, generic name and street name of any drug. The resource contains more information regarding drug indications and proper dosages. Medical professionals can also learn how drugs interact and any other possible side effects they may produce.

Micromedex provides information regarding various poisons within the home and in commercial settings. It details possible causes of poisoning and the symptoms likely to be experienced. Medical professional can also learn how to treat each case of poisoning after initial examination.

Individuals can find information regarding alternative medications through this database. Alternative medications are often useful when a patient is unable to access prescription drugs or when mainstream drugs fail to produce required results. Micromedex also features tables with clinically useful information for quick reference, states Ebling Library.