What Are Some Methods of Treating Depression Due to Empty Nest Syndrome?


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To cope with depression due to empty nest syndrome, make an effort to keep in touch with children, consult a mental health care provider or doctor, and concentrate on other positive aspects of life, recommends Mayo Clinic. It is important to accept the timing and try to keep busy.

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What Are Some Methods of Treating Depression Due to Empty Nest Syndrome?
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Parents experiencing empty nest syndrome should try not to compare the timing of events in a child's life with their own expectations, notes Mayo Clinic. When the child leaves home, it is better to help her to succeed when possible. Although living apart may make staying in touch difficult, maintaining regular contact through phone calls, emails and other communication technologies can relieve feelings of empty nest syndrome.

Feelings of depression related to empty nest syndrome may be alleviated by leaning on other family members or loved ones for support, states Mayo Clinic. If depression becomes severe, it may be necessary to seek professional counseling. Focusing on personal or professional relationships and interests may reduce feelings of depression.

Before the last child leaves home, it may be possible to prevent or reduce feelings of empty nest syndrome by planning to take on new social and professional responsibilities, according to Mayo Clinic. It is important to keep busy and be willing to accept new challenges that life has to offer.

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