What Are Some Methods of Addiction Treatment?


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Methods for treating addiction include detoxification, group therapy, individual therapy and residential treatment, according to About.com. Addiction treatments include services such as drug testing, medication management and a professional follow up.

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What Are Some Methods of Addiction Treatment?
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Detoxification is a process that medically manages the drug or alcohol withdrawal process. Individual therapy helps patients understand their addictions so they are more equipped to overcome them, explains About.com. Group therapy involves people with similar addictions who share understanding, support and encouragement. Residential treatment requires patients to live in a rehabilitation facility. This helps them get out of hazardous environments and into an environment that is safe and supportive.

Additionally, many patients with addiction problems overcome addiction through holistic methods. Holistic drug recovery programs help patients identify addiction triggers, understand the process that led to the addiction and cope with triggers by using visualization and relaxation techniques, states Recovery.org. Services associated with holistic drug abuse recovery include acupuncture, nutrition therapy, exercise programs and massage therapy. Other holistic methods are spiritual counseling, yoga, meditation and tai chi.

Holistic treatment plans also help patients develop a long-term recovery plan and find alternatives for drug abuse. The goal of a holistic program is to treat the entire being of the patient which include the body, mind and spirit, states Recovery.org.

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