What Is the Method for Removing a Cataract?


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Cataracts are removed through a procedure in which the cloudy lens of the eye is taken out and replaced with an artificial lens that restores the patient's vision, says All About Vision. In most instances, the lens is broken up with an ultrasound device and then removed with suction.

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While the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon creates an opening by cutting a small area on the side of the cornea, says WebMD. These cuts can sometimes be made with lasers in order to improve precision. The surgeon then uses an ultrasound device to send small vibrations into the eye that break the lens into tiny fragments that are small enough to be sucked out through the cut. After the cloudy lens is removed, the manmade lens is inserted into the same area.

Ninety-eight percent of cataract surgeries each year are successful, according to WebMD. Patients usually see the results of this surgery within a day after it is performed, although cataract removal may not improve vision enough to the point where the patient no longer needs a glasses prescription.

Despite how safe cataract removal procedures are, patients should discuss the risks with their surgeon before deciding on the surgery, suggests WebMD.

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