What Is a Method to Cure Tinnitus Naturally and Permanently?


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While it is not possible to cure tinnitus naturally and permanently, WebMD suggests several natural home treatments that may reduce its annoying symptoms, including refraining from alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and NSAIDs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. In addition, regular exercise may help to improve the condition.

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While regular exercise is helpful in treating tinnitus, because it increases blood flow to the ear, those suffering from the condition should avoid cycling and other exercises that force the neck into a hyperextended position, WebMD warns. Some studies indicate that the supplement ginkgo biloba may relieve tinnitus; however, studies regarding its efficacy are not conclusive.

Patients with tinnitus should ask their doctors to review their current medications and supplements since many medications can increase the problem, especially when taken in higher doses, as Harvard Medical School explains. These medications include NSAIDs, antimalarial drugs, some cancer drugs, some antibiotics and some anticonvulsants. In addition, jaw clenching, muscle tension, teeth grinding and problems with the auditory system can all cause tinnitus and should be treated medically.

To cope with tinnitus, WebMD suggests wearing earplugs in noisy environments, practicing relaxation or meditation techniques, and avoiding completely quiet rooms. Adding low music or white noise made by a fan or humidifier can reduce the experience of tinnitus.

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