What Is Methocarbamol Used to Treat?


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Methocarbamol, a muscle relaxant, usually is used to provide relief from pain and discomfort in the treatment of muscle pain that results from muscle injuries including sprains and strains, according to MedlinePlus. The drug slows the nervous system down so muscles can relax. Doctors combine this medication with other treatments such as physical therapy and rest to ensure effective muscle pain relief. As of 2015, one form of methocarbamol is Robaxin.

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Patients swallow methocarbamol orally in the form of pills, states MedlinePlus. Using the drug according to instructions ensures proper dosage. However, this medication may interact with other medications and dietary supplements to harm the patient. As a result, the patient should notify the doctor of other medications and supplements he currently takes.

Methocarbamol may cause side effects that include fever, upset stomach, dizziness, drowsiness and vision blurriness, notes MedlinePlus. Other potential side effects include urine discoloration, rash and itching. It is advisable to seek immediate medical care when the side effects persist or worsen or in case of any other emergency situations such as overdose and pregnancy. It is also crucial for the patient to visit the doctor as instructed so the doctor assesses the progress of the patient.

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