What Is Methocarbamol Prescribed For?


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Methocarbamol is prescribed for muscle spasms or pain, according to WebMD. It helps relax the muscles and is usually prescribed in conjunction with rest, physical therapy and other types of treatment. Methocarbomol is also used for treating acute bone conditions, reports Mayo Clinic.

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Methocarbomol slows activity in the nervous system, permitting the body to relax, explains MedlinePlus. This medication is taken orally in tablet form. Typically, a patient initially takes the medicine four times a day by mouth, but a physician may change the frequency of a patient's dosage to three to six times per day.

Methocarbomol may cause side effects such as dizziness, upset stomach, drowsiness, blurred vision and fever, notes MedlinePlus. This medication may cause blue, green or black discoloration of urine. If a patient experiences a rash or itching, he must contact his doctor immediately.

Before taking this medication, a patient should make the doctor aware of his medical history, including any allergies or liver disease, reports WebMD. A patient should avoid alcoholic beverages when taking methocarbomol and should not engage in any activity requiring alertness and clear vision, including driving or operating machinery, until he is sure he can do so safely. Older adults may be more sensitive to methocarbomol's side effects, which can increase the risk of falling. Pregnant women should only take this medication when it is clearly necessary and after consulting with a physician about the risks and benefits. A breast-feeding mother should consult with her physician before taking methocarbomol, as it is unknown whether or not this medication passes into breast milk.

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